Crossings ClinicCrossings Community Clinic’s purpose is to

. . . share the message of Christ by serving the health needs of the less fortunate. The Clinic serves those who are uninsured or otherwise without access to primary care. Medical, dental, vision, and counseling services are available by appointment at no cost.

The hours of service are determined by the availability of our volunteer medical professionals, but generally the clinic is open to patients Monday through Friday. Other days and times are offered as providers are available. All patient visits are scheduled by appointment only.

Schedule an appointment:

(405) 749.0800

Donations and volunteers are always needed.

The Clinic is in need of Licensed Dental Assistants.
Contact Elaine Richards
Volunteer Coordinator
(405) 242-5586
The Clinic is in need of Volunteer Prayer Partners to pray with patients.
Contact Elaine Richards
Volunteer Coordinator
(405) 242-5586

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Crossings Community Center and Clinic Awarded Grant

The Butterfield Foundation recently awarded Crossings Community Center and Clinic a grant to improve the lives of the medically vulnerable in central Oklahoma. This initiative follows more than a year of strategic planning by the Butterfield Foundation and the Crossings team. Crossings Clinic anticipates patient growth to increase by 300 percent over the next 36 months.

Crossings Community Center and Clinic provide numerous community programs and clinic services primarily with volunteer services. Since the clinic’s inception over 52,000 hours of volunteer services have provided in excess of 7 million dollars in medical care.

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Crossings Clinic Partners

Crossings partners with local health care providers to reach even more.

Crossings Community Clinic has formed partnerships with health care providers in the Oklahoma City area which allow them to find ways to help those who need more specialized care or surgeries. During the academic year, OUHSC hygiene students provide teeth cleaning to patients one day a week. All the care is free. Delta Dental Oral Health Foundation has invested over $100,000 in the clinic to help us improve the dental health of Oklahomans.

Crossings Clinic also has partners who provide more advanced care in podiatry, pediatrics, dermatology, neurology, general surgery and physical therapy, Mercy Health Center has provided courses for diabetics including nutrition and exercise. Diabetic shoes have been donated. In cooperation with the Health Alliance for the Uninsured, Crossings Clinic offers a “Super Saturday Clinic” for women’s health.

Crossings Community Clinic named “Champion of the Uninsured”

—by Jim Killackey

Crossings Community ClinicIt’s a tough reality these days: one of the most pressing needs in our community is health care. The Oklahoma Hospital Association estimates around 24% of Oklahoma residents are without health insurance.

Crossings Community Clinic (at 2208 West Hefner Road) opened in May 2005 and provided only very basic health care. Now the Clinic is able to offer free medical care, dentistry, eye care, and counseling services to those in need.

The response has been tremendous—- with approximately 450 patients being treated monthly and more than $431,000 worth of care provided in just the last three months. Since dental care was added in October 2007, some 80 full-mouth dentures have been provided to patients (valued at more than $150,000).

Because of its efforts, this year Crossings Community Clinic is being honored with one of the most prestigious medical awards in the state: the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma “Champion of the Uninsured” award.

Health Care is a pressing issue among political campaigns and politicians and a deep concern that many people face daily, according to officials at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma.

“Crossings Community Clinic shares the message of Christ’s love by serving the health needs of the less fortunate,” said Steve Turner, Director of Crossings Community Center.

“Patients tell us they are so blessed by our ‘volunteer providers’ addressing their physical needs and their spiritual needs, too,” Turner said. “Our providers take the time to get to know the patients and pray with them during their visit to the clinic.”

52 professional volunteers staff the clinic, including physicians, eye doctors, dentists, optometrists, counselors, and nurses, in addition to 30-40 lay volunteers who provide support in numerous areas.

“These committed volunteers are willing to utilize the abilities and resources they have been blessed with to serve the needs of the uninsured,” commented Turner. “Many people need health care, but most of all, they need to be cared for,” he stressed.

The clinic staff wants patients to feel a sense of dignity and know someone cares for them during the tough times they are having.

“From the receptionists to the doctors and nurses, you can be assured that they will do their absolute best in order to serve each and every patient,” Blue Cross Blue Shield officials said.

Patients are seen by appointment and are scheduled with an appropriate provider based on their individual needs. Crossings Community Clinic is able to help a large portion of the residents in and outside of the Oklahoma City area.

The clinic first was suggested in order to provide hope to the needy and uninsured. And it has done exactly that, Blue Cross Blue Shield officials noted.

Patient numbers continue to grow and the staff manages to efficiently provide much-needed health care to the vast number of people in need, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield officials. The number of clinic volunteers has also increased, which has allowed the clinic to provide more services to more people in the community.